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Harris Hawk

Parabuteo unicinctus


Order: Birds of Prey (Accipitriformes)

Family: Hawkweed (Accipitridae)

Size: 55 – 60 cm

Span: ca. 110 – 120 cm

Weight: 750 – 1.100 g


The Harris Hawk or Desert Hawk is a medium-sized species of prey bird and the only species of the birds of prey that hunt in groups. Their plumage is predominantly dark brown in colour, belly and chest are much lighter, and the underside of the tail stands out against their white plumage. The Harris Hawk is considered intelligent, skilled and social. He lives in small, loose family associations. Such a group (mostly 5 birds, led by a dominant female) claims a territory of about 5 km². Contrary to its name, the desert buzzard inhabits not only deserts, semi-deserts and steppes, but also wetlands and grasslands