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Ötzi Village in Umhausen

How our Ancestors lived

Life in the Stone Age

The archaeological open air park in Umhausen offers life like insight in to the Neolithic Period. Ötzi Village is not your typical museum, its not static, its alive – here you can see how things were, take part in activities such as starting a fire, use bows and arrows, fur tanning (a leather making process) and much more.

See, Feel and Take-part – A new experience of things that were relevant long ago.

Here you will find authentically rebuilt replicas of huts, tools, weapons made 1:1 to the site where „Ötzi“ was found on Tiesenjoch (Similaun) at the far end of Ötztal, and much more. In Ötzi Village you can experience the past in whole new way! We have special exhibitions on different topics, for example music, clothing, weaponry, jewlery and tools – letting you experience Neolithic life in a authentic way! You can take part in the Free tours, use an audio-guide (German, English, French, Italian or Dutch) or use your own cell phone as your guide! There are loads of great courses for kids and youth and the whole family

Highlights in the Ötzi Village

Courses for Kids and Familys

Start a fire yourself, shoot with a bow and arrow, bake flat bread… get to know about Ötzis world as if you were really there! We offer loads of different courses and adventure days!

Further Information

Opening Hours and Prices

The Ötzi Village is open from the beginning of May tll the end of October – Tours several times daily. Find our opening hours, prices and tours here.

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Animals in the Ötzi Village

The outdoor enclosure has become a habitat for old species of household animals, for example Mangalitza Pigs, Przewalski-Horses, Ochs, Soay Sheep and Blobe Goats etc. These are animals that may have been present in a Neolithic settelment.

Further Information

Ötzi’s Discovery

Ötzi was found on Tisenjoch (Similaun) at the southern end of Ötztal. In the Ötzi Village you will find a 1:1 detailed replica of the discovery site.

Steinzeitliche Familie beim Brotbacken im Ötzi-Dorf

“The Village is Alive” – The Ötzi Village Film

In a 30 minute film you are shown how village life was – economy, crafts, the hunt & collecting, livestock farming as well as interesting facts about religion, social interaction and much more

Highlights for Familys

Ötzi Village is a family-friendly place for an excursion with animals, a great playground with slides, swings and a water-wheel, making it the perfect place for an excursion. Thanks to wheel-chair access on the whole grounds you can also get around with a push chair.

Everything at a Glance – The Grounds Map


Ötzi Village – You will find all these things here…

  Info centre
2  Show, Film, Seminar & Archive Room
3  Wild Przewalski Horses
4  Craft Zone
5  Central village square
6  Hut Construction, Hut – Handcrafts
7  Swallo-Bellied Mangalits
8  Shaft Well
9  Trackways / Cart

10  Hut – Hunting
11  Mountain Goats
12  Rubbish Pit
13  Late Neolithic Hut
14  Ancient Cattle
15  Copper Smelting site
16  Cornfield
17  Tree chopping trunks
18  Palisadetrench

19  Granary
20  Bread Baking Oven
21  Ötzi’s Hut
22  Sacrifice Site
23  Ceramic pottery kiln
24  Clay Quarry
25  Beehive
26  Schaman`s Lodge

27  Soay Sheep
28  Rock – Carvings
29  Hunter’s Bivouac
30  Dugout
31  Pile Hut, Fishery
32  Stone Chamber Grave
Crouched Inhumation
33  Menhirs

A  Ötzi’s Snack Bar  ·  B  Ötzi-Museum Shop  ·  C  Children’s Play Ground  ·  D  Archery Range  ·  E  Survival School Tyrol

What you will find in the huts…

__tzi H__tten 48

Info centre, Film- and Seminar room
Film- and Seminar room shows the Ötzi Village Film „The Village Lives…“, Exhibition, Ötzi Clothing, information boards, Pictures of the Ötzi discovery site, drawings of Ötzi’s – belongings, 1:1 replica of the discovery site on Tiesenjoch (Similaun)

Hut – Crafts
From raw skin to leather, from clay to ceramics; rope manufacture, spinning and weaving devices, woven baskets, bark and wooden containers, cleaver and Retoucher

Hut – Hunting
Yew bows, quivers, arrows, arrowheads, wooden vessels, animal traps, resin glue, fishing rod and spear, fishing nets and depictions of Hunting in the Neolithic age

Late Neolithic Hut
Demonstrations of neolithic craft techniques, taster – courses, events and workshops, film Hut.

Ötzi – Hut
Camp, fire and cooking area, furs/skins, tools, equipment and accessories of Ötzi, flint and pyrite and much more

Shaman’s hut
Cult staff, deer antlers, rattles, drums, drumsticks, bone scraper, flutes, Andean trumpets, animal masks, bone needles (tattoo needles), bull-roarer

Ötzi Village – Facts

Free guided tours several times daily

1:1 Replica of the Ötzi discovery site

Variation of huts: Crafts, Hunting, etc

Film- and Seminar room

Monthly themed festivities

Lectures, workshops & courses