Ötzi Village & Birds of Prey Park - Am Tauferberg 8 - 6441 Umhausen


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The ideal school destination

Learn history in a children friendly environment

Tyrolean school program in the Ötzi Village

„Experence lessons differently – marvel and discover“

In this special offer, excursions and lectures in the Ötzi Village will answer a wealth of questions around the topic of “Life then, and Life Today”.
The exciting journey through time is a valuable supplement to lessons and arouses in the students interest in energy awareness in everyday life.


  • Admission with guide and ignite stone age fire
  • Bake pita bread
  • Healthy snack
  • 1 surprise gift
Package price 2024 of 6,50 Euro per person

School programm supported by: TIWAG

Building Blocks for School classes

Guided tour Ötzi Village

Duration: approx. 45 minutes

4,10 Euro per child

Baking bread

Duration: 1,5 hours

1.50 Euro per child
2.00 Euro per adult

Create flint knife

Duration: 1.5 hours

8,00 Euro incl. workpiece

Make leather bag

Duration: 1.5 hours

8,00 Euro incl. workpiece

Ötzi´s methods for lightning a fire

Learn different methods with flint, bow fire or Swedish steel

Duration: approx. 1 hours

8,00 Euro per person


Duration: 1 hour

8,00 Euro per person